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When you are faced with implementing a record management project, PRO LiBRA® can offer support and experience. Armed with practical know-how, our staff can professionally coordinate the various stages of methodology, logistics and timeframe projections.

Tasks such as merging collections, re-labeling, rearrangement, bar coding, security stripping, inventory and record preparation are but a few of our areas of expertise.

Recognizing your need for flexibility and cost control,
PRO LiBRA® can manage the entire project and/or assume supervision of the staff you provide to accomplish your prioritized goals.  PRO LiBRA® teams can be dispatched to complete tasks with minimum interruption to your day-to-day operations.


Library administrators are often well served by tapping the resources of a consultant.  When confronted with an extraordinary task or circumstance, PRO LiBRA® can always promptly supply professional, caring consultants.

You will find that our approach is to review your situation, analyze and explore alternatives with you, then recommend practical solutions incorporating proper controls and attention to the complexities involved.

The benefits of many years' experiences and many in solving information centers' challenges are readily available to you through your affiliation with PRO LiBRA®.

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